President's Letter
During recent years past, we have seen a remarkable revolution in technology that affect the workplace in a profound and direct way. Work process, new communication techniques and office space are crucial for the function of any organization, add to that today's volatile economic and business environment and we have ourselves some great challenges.
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Welcome to Corporate Interior Solutions

We want to earn your trust—not just your business.

Bringing honesty and integrity to the commercial furniture installation industry.

At Corporate Interior Solutions we don’t just want to get your business. We want to keep your business. We think that’s an important distinction. It demands an honest, candid approach that places a premium on delivering first-class service with no surprises.

More than just a claim, we developed the Corporate Interior Solutions’ Support System™ to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations and earn your trust.

Working together with our dealership partners we have developed strategies and solutions that enables us to deliver great results to the end users, giving our clients great representation in all facets of the projects. We recognize that delivering quality on a consistent basis is a fundamental key to a mutual and beneficial association with our dealerships.